Shona Retreats


Eilean Shona is a stunning private island off the West Coast of Scotland with no cars, where you are cut off from the world and all its stresses, immersed in nature and surrounded by wildlife. Kate Winslet recently described it as her ultimate chic retreat no less. It’s a perfect place to retreat and re-charge batteries. In groups of no more than 12, the course explores creativity in this unique island setting focusing on painting, writing and mindfulness. There are yoga and meditation sessions, plus wild swimming, boat trips and the opportunity to paddle board or kayak. With no television and weak mobile signals, this is a semi-digital detox in very comfortable accommodation with a mix of en suite rooms and shared bathrooms, a billiard room, piano and library. Delicious home cooked nourishing vegetarian food, plus optional locally sourced seafood and venison is provided. Eilean Shona is in the Branson family, so you can expect a world-class experience in this heavenly island haven.


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